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ATTENTION: Business Owners struggling to get new customers!

"I just need to get more customers"

If this is you listen up!

Getting new customer is one of the biggest frustrations for most business owners. I get it! It's the life blood of your business! It doesn't help that there are a ton of people telling you what to do! The problem is what they're saying is cookie cutter advice. It's great advice BUT you need advice that FITS your business, not your business fitting their advice!


Now is your chance for an EXPERT to take a look at your marketing and give you actionable feedback!

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What You'll Get Out Of Our Conversation

Our conversation will be all about what you're doing to acquire new customer and how to improve it!

Social Media Marketing Advertising

You might be advertising on the wrong platform. So I'll look at your current advertising efforts on social media and give you strategies and feedback on what to change and how to improve!

Website/Landing pages

Most business owners don’t realize that where you send your online traffic is just as important as your ads. So I'll look at your website/funnel, opt-in and sales pages and provide feedback on how to improve them so that they convert into $$$.


90% of running ads is just looking at data and finding where the problems are. So together we’ll look at your Ad Data to see where the break down is or problems you’re running into.

Getting NEW customers shouldn't be this complicated!

I'm Connor Wright author of "Becoming a Digital Baller the Playbook". Over the last few years I've been blessed to generate Millions of dollars through digital marketing for companies in industries like Brick and Mortar, E-Commerce, Info and Digital products, Service, Software, Lead Gen, and everything in between.

While spending thousands of dollars a day on FB, YouTube and other ad platforms, building funnels, sending email and SMS campaigns I've learned a lot about generating new customers for businesses.

I've spent my time and attention on focusing on new customer acquisition because I know that's the life blood of any business (you don't have a business if you don't have customers).

The process and strategies for generating new customer is about 90% the same for every business. But that Last 10% is where you need to customize it for your specific business needs.

So that is why I'm willing to jump on a 30 minute call to help you fix that 10% of your marketing efforts!.

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"When I was first starting my business, Connor gave me the exact advice I needed. Since then, I've gone from making less than $10K per year to over $100K per month! I'm so grateful to Connor for putting me on the right path."

- Andrew George CEO of MCAT Self Prep

“If you're not one for wasting time guessing what to do, Connor Wright's book is what you'll wish you had started with before trying to decipher the other "guru" books you hoped had the answers, but royally let you down. Finally, a resource that cuts through the soapbox rhetoric and digs straight into what works the first time for the best results.’

- Sean Ennis Brand New Marketer

"Connor has been invaluable to me as the co-owner and co-founder of a new startup. He explains things and a clear and concise manner. He makes it really easy to follow the steps and be successful. Without his help I would still be in the social media Dark Ages."

- Danny Jacobson CEO of The League

Who I am

I'm Connor Wright author of "Becoming a Digital Baller the Playbook".

I've been the guy behind the scenes for multiple successful businesses running the ads and building the funnels. For big name celebrities to massive E-commerce companies doing 6-7 figures a month.

I've been behind the scenes making a lot of people a lot of money. 

Now I'm willing to take a look at what you're doing and give you actionable feedback.

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